My Coaching Approach

My Approach To Engineering Career Advice And Coaching

Too often, the realities of the working world and the perceived risks of entrepreneurship sap the brightest engineers of their creativity, passion and drive. Turning your vision into a reality takes commitment, discipline, and street smarts—the stuff they don’t teach in school. After 12 years in corporate engineering and nearly 10 as a therapist, I became a career coach to help engineers and entrepreneurs like you stop feeling stuck and carve out a unique path toward success.

I take an action-oriented approach, which means we won’t sit around dwelling on the challenges in your way. Instead, working from a growth mindset, I can help you focus on what’s possible and experience positive change. Whether you want to break out as an engineering entrepreneur or excel in your workplace, you can zero in on your big-picture mission and set a clear direction forward, while pinpointing opportunities for growth. You can take manageable, practical steps toward the business, relationships and lifestyle you want.

Your Hero’s Journey

Although you might feel demoralized and lost right now, I believe that you have the potential to step into your own greatness. In other words, you have the power to enact change—in not just your life, but the wider world.

Scholar Joseph Campbell described the process of fulfilling your purpose as “The Hero’s Journey.” Drawing from ancient myths and the work of groundbreaking psychologists, such as Carl Jung, he saw a common pattern among those on a personal and professional growth and development path. As a coach, my job is to help you along your personal journey, so I’ve summarized a few key stages here. You might be surprised to find that the obstacles you’re facing—or have recently faced—align with these mythic turning points.

First comes “The Call To Adventure.” You long for something more than your predictable routines. You know that you are intelligent and skilled, and you’re feeling bored and stifled. You sense that you are meant for something greater than the job you’re doing now.

But along with the call comes the “The Refusal Of The Call.” Like so many others, you might feel held back by the fear of the unknown. So, you bury that call to adventure and trudge through the same routines. Resisting the life you were meant for only makes you feel more and more frustrated, hopeless and stuck.

The next stage is “The Meeting Of The Mentor.” The mentor serves as a guide, offering the insight, support and tools you need to answer the call toward your purpose. That’s where I come in.

With my diverse background, training and experience, I offer a unique perspective, practical recommendations and skilled coaching. I am not here to tell you what to do, but to collaborate as a guide and equal who has been on the same difficult road before.

With my dedicated guidance, you can step into a bolder, more powerful way of being.

Dream Big And Take Small Steps

The last stage of The Hero’s Journey is “Freedom to Live.” That means freedom to engage in your life confidently, without feeling your potential pass you by. Coaching can help you reconnect with your most ambitious vision. Together, we’ll think big and take small steps aimed at building and maintaining the momentum needed to bring that vision to fruition.

That’s not to say that you won’t encounter any dragons on your personal journey, but rather than dwell on the possibility of getting tangled up with your dragons, you’ll learn to take action, appropriately lean into your fears, slay the dragons as they arise and claim the success and fulfillment you are meant for. With my support and encouragement, you’ll learn to take total responsibility for your situation so that you can create the future you desire.

If you’re reading this page, chances are it’s time to seize your chance for a freer, more purposeful, more creative life. You don’t have to let possibility pass you by. I’m ready to help you focus your energy, set your intentions and drop the stories holding you back from following your dreams.

Entrepreneurial Coaching For The Engineer At Heart

Let me support you while you step out of your comfort zone and into something bigger.  Engineering career advice and coaching are best experienced rather than talked about. Complete the coaching questionnaire, and I will be in touch.

Mike Gathers offers group and one-one-one coaching virtually and in person in his office in Golden, Colorado. He earned a bachelor’s in chemical engineering from the Colorado School of Mines and went on to work various roles of engineering, supervision and management in the high tech and energy sectors. A student of the late R. E. D. “Gene” Woolsey, he completed a master’s in engineering and technology management with a specialty in industrial psychology. After a dozen years in industry, he made a major pivot into working as a licensed psychotherapist after earning a master’s in counseling psychology from Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado. Now, after nearly a decade working as a licensed therapist, including five years serving the Colorado School of Mines, he has revived his engineering and management past and merged it with his recent work as an entrepreneur and licensed therapist in order to coach engineers into their own greatness.