Specializing In Entrepreneurial Coaching For The Engineer At Heart

Are you certain you are capable of more—more impact, more influence, more responsibility—but not feeling fully equipped to deliver? Wanting to create something bigger than the what the routine office job allows? Feeling the call to the creativity, freedom and meaningful work that entrepreneurship can offer? Have you stepped into entrepreneurship, but find yourself falling short of your original vision?

For engineers like you, there comes a time when all the equations and formulas no longer serve your career goals and aspirations. That time is college graduation. As you might be learning for the first time or all-too-aware, navigating the “real world” of corporate politics and entrepreneurial endeavors requires skills they don’t teach in school—skills such as:

  • Effectively implementing ideas (creating meaningful impact)
  • Building (and repairing) relationships
  • Understanding and influencing others (ethically)
  • Efficiently managing your time (and others’)
  • Taking appropriately managed risks (going for what you want!)
  • Creating the career, relationships and lifestyle you want (not just wait for them to happen to you)

Whether you are a fresh graduate or an old hand, with coaching for engineers, it’s possible to step into a new way of being, make a professional impact, manage, lead or simply venture out on your own and create the career and lifestyle you crave. With a solid engineering career coach in your corner, you can merge your innate talents with new strategies, tactics and skills. It’s possible to create the career, the relationships and the way of life you truly desire.

Mike Gathers
Engineering Foundations

for engineers just starting out in their career who want to improve effectiveness, make a deeper impact, and begin to build the relationship skills necessary for a strong career foundation.

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Engineering Leadership

for established engineers interested in improving their leadership skills and increasing their span of organizational responsibility and influence.

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Engineering Entrepreneurship

for innovators and masters of their craft who want to start their own business or go out on their own as a consultant.

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Engineering Excellence

for the entrepreneur who still finds themselves going through the motions – create the work, love, and play – the lifestyle – you truly desire.

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